Kingston Commercial Sealcoating, the Best Protection Against Asphalt Deterioration

Are you looking for an effective treatment to protect your asphalt investment? Call the professionals at 1800-60Sealit. Sealcoating can be applied for a fraction of the cost of repairing or replacing an existing asphalt pavement, like asphalt parking lots, driveway or paths that are not properly maintained.

Sealcoating is an economical way to safeguard your asphalt investment

Properly sealcoated asphalt surfaces are protected by providing a durable coating that safeguards against harsh elements that create costly repairs. Sealcoating will extend the life of the asphalt by forming a tough, durable coating protecting the surface from damaging elements of weather, salt, gas and other petroleum based products. It prevents seepage from snow and rain preventing damaging freeze-thaw cycles.

We specialize in coal tar sealant application and only use the highest quality materials. By using superior products we achieve superior results. Our equipment is capable of mixing and applying materials containing up to 6-10 lbs. of additional aggregates per gallon in a uniform and even coat, which is essential to proper curing. Call Us Now and Get your Free Parking Lot Maintenance Estimate.

Through oxidation, asphalt surfaces lose their rich, black color. Our process will return its original beauty and greatly reduces maintenance costs . We have years of experience in asphalt and paving, so you can feel confident that your projects will be completed professionally and to the highest standard.

If you have a pavement rehabilitation project we want to help you. 1800-60Sealit offers the solution for all your asphalt maintenance needs. Our services include:

  • Asphalt sealing

  • Asphalt repairs

  • Parking lot maintenance

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